Who's Who

Leadership Team

Mrs Lorna Buchanan

Headteacher and SENCo. Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Christie McGovern

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Jenkins

Early Years Leader and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff

Mrs Sam Butler-McLees

Year 1 (St John's)

Mrs Nicola Jenkins

Year 2 (St Patrick's), Early Years Leader. Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sarah Sauvagnargues

Year 4 (St Joseph's)

Mrs Kyla Bates

Year 3 (St Paul's))

Mrs Natalie Medler

Year 5 (St Andrew's)

Mrs Sarah Allcock

Class Teacher Year 6 St Tereas's

Miss Ella Nolan

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Sue Stansfield

French Teacher

Mrs Lucy Lane

Mrs Marsha Rickard

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Lizzie Clay

Key Stage 1 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Andrea Cullen

Assistant SENCo and Home School Link Worker. Assistant Safeguarding Lead

Lorraine Hickman

Irene Hills

Emma Taylor

Jessica Heppell

Mandy Smart

Di Woolley

Katie Hickman

Maggie Tew

Rhea Ewer

Office Staff

Cathy Pickford

Office Manager

Janice Flashman

Deputy Office Manager

Maria Haverty

Mid Day Supervisors

Emily Jones

Mandy Smart

Emma Woolcock

Emma Hergt

Jo Mooney

Cleaning Caretaking Staff

Sandra McCabe

Lorraine Hickman

Emily Hickman

Mark Henderson


Catering Staff

Mel Willoughby

School Cook

Anita Oliveri

Servery Assistant