Years 3 and 4 have been learning about Sikhism this week, culminating in a wonderful, informative trip:

We went to the Gurdwara temple in Southall, London. It was fun! We had a talk about Sikhism, and ate food in the Langar.  They told us lots about their religion so we learnt more about it. I liked learning about the 5 Ks, my favourite was the Kirpan. Albie

I really want to go to the temple every day. It was so amazing. It made me feel safe. William

I loved all the detail they put into the Manji Sahib (where they keep the Guru Granth Sahib holy book). Tom S.

They were nice because they let us try their food, I thought it was really tasty. Lucinda

The Sikh guides were kind enough to give us a number of books about Sikhism. If you are interested in borrowing one, for example if your child has further questions you would like to answer, please ask the office