This week, we have been busy learning all about Buddhism as part of our Multi-Faith RE Curriculum. We looked at how Buddhism was founded and researched the life of Siddartha Gautama (The Buddha). We explored the four noble truths of Buddhism, including the eight-fold path to enlightenment and investigated Buddhist symbolism and different artefacts, including the lotus flower and the three jewels.

On Wednesday, we had a Buddhist visitor come to join us for the day, called Srivati. She taught us about the daily life of a practising Buddhist. We took part in some mindfulness activities, including meditation, where we used singing bowls to help calm ourselves and empty our minds of any negative thoughts.

“It was a calming experience; I’m looking forward to doing some meditation at home because of this visit.” Freddie Y5

“We learned interesting facts about Buddhism. I really enjoyed the drama we did about how we can take care of living things around us.” Tilly Y5

It was a fun experience and I found it really relaxing to meditate and clear my mind.” Cheska Y6