Arts Award Week
Year 1 and Year 4 have been working towards their Arts Award ‘Discover’ certificate this week.
The Arts Award is a National Accreditation that encourages children and young people to develop creative and critical thinking skills, set themselves challenges, explore the arts, share their achievements and gain a recognised qualification. 
We have explored what we mean by ‘art’, and learnt about lots of different types of art, and that art is all around us in the environment. We really enjoyed our Art Walk round Chipping Norton spotting all sorts of art.
We have enjoyed following on from the sculpture exhibition by creating a mod roc sculpture related to our ‘Monarchy’ topic. Year 1 have made crowns and Year 4 have made a royal throne.
We have looked at the work of famous artists – Year 1 have learned about Jackson Pollock and his large scale action art. Year 4 have studied Andy Goldsworthy, and created their own natural art.
Year 4 have also had the opportunity to create their own art work –these projects included writing songs, painting, creating films, composing music, cooking and making models.
The children have been recording their learning journey in their own Arts Award Log, and an important part of the Arts Award is sharing learning and experiences with others, we have done this in school today, but do ask your child to tell you about what they’ve been doing! Log books will come home with your child at the end of term.

Some Children's cooments:

I really liked decorating the crowns and painting them. I also loved doing the Jackson Pollock paintings. Dana Y1
I enjoyed making my own art project and looking at Andy Goldsworthy pictures. Millie Y4