Year 1

Week ending 08.12.17

The snow has suddenly magnified the festive cheer today, and the children enjoyed playing outside before it went a bit slushy!  Preparations for Christmas are well underway, with lots if arts and crafts, glitter and glue!

We had our final Nativity rehearsal today.  On Monday afternoon we will have the dress rehearsal which we will perform to the rest of the school.  If your child is a grown up they will need to bring in their costumes on Monday morning please, if you haven't done so already.  We hope you enjoy the performances on Tuesday.  The performances are at 1:30pm and 6pm.  Apologies for this weeks Newsletter which give the incorrect time.  It is 6PM not 6:30.  No tickets are required this year, so just turn up and enjoy.  The children need to be back in school by 5:30pm on Tuesday evening please.

Maths and spellings have been sent home this week, but they are the last ones for this term.  The children (and you) deserve a rest during the Christmas holidays.

Have a great weekend!

Week ending 01.12.17

Hi Everyone!
The end of term is fast approaching and we have a busy fortnightahead!
Rehearsals for the KS1 Nativity play are progressing well. The childnarrators need to learn their lines please but the adult narratorswill be reading from a script as they have too many lines to learnoff by heart. All children with speaking parts need to practiseprojecting their voices. If you could help with this at home it wouldbe much appreciated.
Most of the costumes have now been sorted in school. However,the Roman Soldiers and Census Takers need a pair of blackleggings each to wear underneath their costumes. The childnarrators need to wear a pair of pyjamas with a dressing gownand slippers. The adult narrators need to wear a Christmas jumperwith trousers/skirt. Thank you!
Next Wednesday is our annual visit to the theatre to see thePantomime. Please remember that the children need their waterbottles and a warm coat for walking there and back.
Have a super weekend.
Mrs Butler-McLees

Week ending 17.11.17

We had a wonderful Children in Need day today.  Lovely to see everyone in their comfortable clothes.  We really enjoyed our class treat (which we recieved for filling our class pebble jar).  We watched trolls in our PJs and drank hot chocolate whilst nibbling on popcorn and Pomm Bears.

In Literacy this week, we received an invitation from Q Pootle 5, inviting us to a Moon Party on the 1st December.  We wrote him a letter thanking him and accepting his invitation.  We also looked at the 'ea' sound in Phonics.  Next week, we will be preparing to write a fantasy story based on our topic and looking at the 'ar' sound in Phonics.

In Maths, we have been doing subtraction using cubes, and counting back using a number line.  Next week, we will be comparing subtraction with addition.

In Science, we will be exploring metals and magnets.

We are continuing with our Nativity practise.  We have increased the rehearsals to twice a week now.  Please continue to practise the songs at home.  If your child has a script, it has been sent home in their book bags.  However, this is only for children with lots of lines to learn/practise.  Please can you ensure the scripts are put back in their book bags so that they can be used in school?  Thanks for all your support in this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending 03.11.17

Welcome back after half term.  The children seem well rested and keen for the build up to Christmas.

We have got stuck into our Space topic this week and we have written some facts about the planets to go in our own non-fiction books.  We are performing these using an ipad and a green screen to give the impression that we are actually broadcasting from the planet we are writing about.  I hope to share some of these on Class Dojo after completion.  Next week, we will be carrying on with the filming process and consolidating the oi sound.

In Maths, we have been practising our number bonds to 10, using cubes, counters and Numicon.  Next week, we will be starting to look at Subtraction to 10.

In Science, we have started looking at Materials.  We have been on a Materials Hunt around the classroom, and sorting the objects into the correct materials.  We have discussed the properties of different materials, and why they might be used for certain things.  Next week, we will be investigating which material would be best to fix Spencer Bears Space rocket.

We have started the rehearsals for the Nativity, and all seem happy to get up on the stage.  Lines for individuals will be sent home soon.  Your support in allowing the children to practise their lines would be much appreciated when the time comes. Volume and clarity are the priorities.

Christmas cards have come home in book bags today.  So if you ordered them, don't forget to check.  Homework and Spellings are back on too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending 13.10.17

We have had a productive and creative week.  We have started our Space topic and decorated our role play corner into a spaceship.  We have written a class Space countdown poem together in Literacy, and next week we will be writing our own poems.  We will also be looking at the 'ow' sound.

In Maths this week, we have been using numberlines, and next week we will be doing some addition.

In Science, we will be looking at deciduous and evergreen trees, as we were unable to do it last week.

We will be practising for the Harvest Festival assembly, which is on Wednesday morning.  We have looked at the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo, and painted our own pictures of fruit faces.  We also discussed why harvest time is so important.  Any donations for the harvest festival can be left with the school office.  Some children have got sentences to practise for the assembly, and I have messaged those affected on Class Dojo.  I'm afraid that parents are unable to attend the Harvest Festival assembly due to space restrictions.

The Scholastic Book Fair is open next week.  Details of times and dates are in the Newsletter.  Thank you to all who helped children with the "decorating bunting" competition.  The winner in Year One was Hartley (well done to him) and he was awarded a £5 voucher for books.

Parent Evening time slots have been returned in book bags this week.  Those of you who have generously offered to see me on Monday, I have returned a time in book bags too.  If the time is not possible, please let me know.  I have not received preferences from 3 parents, so please come and see what I have available when you can.

Show and Tell next week will be back to the BLUE box.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Week ending 29/09/17

We have had another excellent week in Maths.  We have been comparing groups of objects and numbers.  Today we started looking at comparing numbers using the symbols <, > and =.  Next week, we will be carrying on with this and ordering numbers, including ordinal numbers.

In Literacy, we have looked at the phonic sound 'ay' and started to plan our recount of either our trip to the Chippy Fair, or something else we have done at the weekend.  Next week, we are going to use our plans to help us write our own recount.  We will also be consolidating the 'th', 'sh', and 'ch' sounds.

Next week is our last week of our holiday topic, and we will then be starting our new topic, Space!  We are going to start thinking about how we can change our role play area, and we will be using the laptops to write something we can find on the internet about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing.

For History, we have compared objects that we might see at the seaside, from 1915 with the present day.  The children played a game which involved sorting objects on the whiteboard.

In Science this week, we have labelled the parts of flowers and trees, and next week we will be looking at the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.

You should have received parents evening letters in book bags today, along with Christmas card templates for your children to design their own cards.  Please return both of these as directed on the letters.  I have a small request for parents evening: it is my birthday on Tuesday 31st October, so I am not receiving parents after 5pm and am looking for volunteers to come and see me on Monday 30th instead.  If you would be happy to do this, please could you let me, or Mrs Mooney know, or make it known on the reply slip? (Thank you!)

Also, any volunteers who could come in for an hour or so during any week to listen to readers, would be much appreciated.

Next week it is the school disco on Friday 6-8pm.

Show and Tell:  RED book box.

Have a fab weekend.

Week ending 22/09/17

We have tried a few lessons of whole class activities and the children have responded very positively to this approach.  We have looked at counting forwards and backwards and looked at one more than.  Next week, we will be looking at one less than and comparing groups using language like fewer, greater and equal to.

In Literacy this week, we have started some Seaside Poems, using the senses to describe objects we might find at the beach.  We will be carrying on with these next week, and perhaps writing a recount of what we did at the Chippy Mop.  We will also be looking at the sound 'ay' in Phonics.

In RE, we started looking at Creation, PE we are still working on throwing and catching and both of these will be carried forward to next week.

For History, we will be looking at the differences you would find at the seaside from the present day to the past.

Junior Leadership Team representatives: Otto and Eva

Eco Warriors: Arthur A and Edie

Show and Tell: Friday 29th September is PURPLE box.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Week ending 15/09/17

The first full week is complete.  We introduced a bit more structure this week with handwriting between 08:50 and 09:10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  They did very well to come in, find their seats and start copying the date into their books.

We have also started our Guided Reading Carousel.  We are practising talking in our quiet voices whilst teachers listen to readers and the guided reading group.

In Maths this week, we looked at representing numbers in different ways; wrting the number, drawing the number and showing the number. We counted objects by putting them into lines and pointed at them whilst counting and noticed that the last number we counted is the total amount.  We then used these skills to do some problem solving today.

We looked at the sound 'ai' for Phonics and have some sentences to write for the phonics homework.  If you are concerned about sound buttons, don't worry too much.  I'd rather they have a go at writing two sentences with two of the words in the list. Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

In PE, we played Foxes and Rabbits, then we did 20 minutes exercise with Joe Wicks, who was transmitting a live fitness class for all schools across the UK to join in with.  Reception joined us, and everyone had lots of fun, being worked hard by Joe.  I was very impressed by everyone giving it a go.

In Geography, we looked at a map of the UK and discussed how many countries made up the UK.  We named England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.  We talked about where we visited in our holidays and found them on the map.  We then programmed Beebots to travel from one country to another.

Next week, we will be doing more counting, one more than and one less than, the sound a-e for Phonics, more with the Beebots and the UK and throwing and catching for PE.

Thank you for all your support in allowing the children to come round from the gate on their own.  They are managing it brilliantly. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Week ending 08/09/17


Firstly, I have been asked to pass on a MASSIVE thank you from Miss Nolan, Mrs Hickman and Mrs Smart for all the cards and generous gifts given at the end of last year.  They are very grateful.

Secondly, I would like to say well done to all parents and carers, for surviving the summer, and getting all your children back to school looking so smart, refreshed and ready to learn.

It's been a fantastic first week, with us writing postcards for our Holiday Topic, writing and counting our numbers to 20. We have also been learning about our new classroom, agreeing rules and bounderies and being rewarded for remembering them, using class dojos.  No more zone board!  The children have responded very positively to this new system, and we have spent this week getting used to using it, and working out what kind of things we can earn dojos for. You will receive logins for this next week, which will enable you to follow your child's progress instantly throughout the day.

We are having the parent/teacher meeting on Tuesday 12th September at 2:30pm now.  This has changed to what was originally on the newsletter, as I felt it was too late to wait until week 3.  I will be able to discuss in more detail class dojo, the year one curriculum, Teach Your Monster to Read, homework and class routines.  I will be handing out logins and a letter explaining some of this too.  If you can't make it, I will ensure the information is sent home.  I am also happy for you to make appointments to see me should you need to discuss anything in more detail.

Next week, we will be doing some Phonics, Maths, PE, Geography, Literacy and Guided Reading.  It will be a busy week, but a fun one.

I hope everyone rests well this weekend, and see you on Monday.


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