Year 1 Dance

10 March 2016

Year one Partnership Dance Festival Year One children took part in the Partnership Dance Festival run by the GCSE and A level students at Chipping Norton School. The dances were based on the picture book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andrae There were nearly two hundered, five and six-year-old children in the Sports Hall taking part in the festival and all were completely engaged and enthralled by what they were doing. The dances produced were fun and creative and all the groups were brilliantly led by the students and staff from Chipping Norton School. A big well done and thank you to them all.


Chipping Norton Literary Festival

8 March 2016

The morning of Tuesday 8th of March began with the children from Years One to Three walking down to the town hall to take part in the Speech and Drama section of the Music Festival. All of the children had worked in groups of 15 to choose and recite a poem with actions. These were then performed on the town hall stage in front of an audience and a professional adjudicator. The adjudicator was really complementary about all the groups commenting upon how expressive the children were, how creative they had been with their movements and how well they used their voices to ‘bring the poems to life’. During the afternoon, the children from Year 4 attended the same event, listening to and performing in front of children from other schools. The adjudicator commented upon the excellent timing and vocal patterns and the clarity of the words being spoken. All the children thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to perform on the beautiful town hall stage in front of a large audience. A big thank you to the Music Festival organisers for providing our children with this enriching opportunity each year.


Fairtrade Bake Off

7 March 2016


KS1 Choir

5 March 2016

On Saturday 5th March, the Key Stage One Choir took part in the Chipping Norton Music Festival's Junior Choirs’ event. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to watch and listen to other school choirs performing and to have written and verbal feedback from a professional adjudicator. The adjudicator commented on the children’s energy and enthusiasm, their excellent dynamics and made particular reference to the ‘amazing, confident and assured’ soloist who was described as having ‘lots of style’! So, well done to William, our soloist and all the members of our KS1 choir.


Mother's Day Assembly

4 March 2016


World Book Day

3 March 2016


Living Rainforest trip

2 March 2016


Fairtrade Fortnight

29 February 2016


Boccia Tournament

25 February 2016

Some of our Year 5 competed in the Boccia tournament at Carterton. They had a very enjoyable afternoon, well done to everybody who took part.


Visitor to Years 5 and 6

22 February 2016

This week, Years 5 and 6 had the pleasure of meeting a Muslim Named Muhaned. He spoke to the children about Islamic beliefs and explained the day to day life of a Muslim.


Trip to the Jewish Congregation

17 February 2016

Years 1 and 2 had a fantastic trip to the Jewish Congregation as part of our Multi-Faith Week.


Chinese New Year

15 February 2016

All the classes celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year.