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Week ending 30th June


The end of term is quickly approaching but school life remains as busy as ever.

 Thursday saw us welcome our new Reception children for September, as well as having our whole school transition day. The children had lots of fun meeting their new…


Posted by Training Account on 20 January 2016

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Year 6

7th July

Next week we will be holding a Health and Fitness Week from Monday-Thursday, every afternoon. In mixed-age groups, the children will rotate around a carousel of activities to promote health and fitness. The activities include making fruit kebabs, meditation, dance, cricket, boules,…


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Year 1

Week ending 14.07.17

So, we are nearly at the end of year.  I can't believe it!  The last two weeks have been extremely busy.

Last week was Art Week for the whole school, however, Year One and Year Four worked towards our Art Awards certificates.  We had to log all the work we did and…


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Foundation Stage

Week ending 14.7.17 

What a jam packed final full week in Reception class we have had! 

Every afternoon this week, the year 6 children have organised activities in line with our 'Health and Fitness week'. Children have been going around these activities in a carousel and have been working on…


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Year 5

Welcome to St Andrew's class! 

Friday 23rd June


Today, the children brought in their bake-off entries. We had lots of fun admiring all of the marvellous creations; we were very impressed by the skills demonstrated in the decoration and loved tasting all of the delicious cupcakes!…


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Year 4

Week ending 7th July

Wow - what an amazing week. We have had such fun, and created some wonderful art works. I have been overwhelmed at the enthusiasm of our class, and the standard of their work. We started off with a bit of experimentation with templates, but many moved rapidly on to creating…


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Year 3

Week ending 7th July.

What a fantastic week we have had this week. The children have really enjoyed experimenting with Parabolic Curves. They had the chance to design their own and then reproduce this on a wooden board. There was a great deal of hammering going on and a few sore fingers by the…


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Year 2

This week has been Holy Trinity Art Week and the theme has been 'String Art'. We have enjoyed experimenting with parabolic curves, creating them on paper with pencils and on card using different coloured wools. If your parents managed to visit school  this afternoon, I'm sure they will…


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Class requests.

Dear Parents,

Spellings – we have been encouraging a new method for learning spellings which will set them up for Year 2.  Please see attached guidance for this.

Junk Modelling – as ever, we would welcome any appropriate recycling materials for our junk modelling box.

Space – for our next…


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